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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Posted on Sep 23, 2019

As much as we would like the warm summer days to hang around, the reality is that colder days are coming. Fall is a great time to spend some time taking preventative measures and preparing your home for the winter season inside and out.

Being located in a temperate climate, snow and ice are not as much of a concern to Sunshine Coast homeowners as hi...

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Farmers Markets on the Sunshine Coast

Posted on Jul 03, 2019

Farmers’ and Artisans’ Markets featuring locally grown and produced goods can be found in communities along the coastline. There is no better place to spend a couple of hours mingling with the locals and embracing the Coast lifestyle.


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To Paint or Not to Paint

Posted on May 30, 2019

For most of us, selling and buying homes isn’t something we do many times in our life. As a seller there seem to be a never ending list of things to do to prepare your home for sale. How do you prioritize and where do you start?

To Paint or not to Paint
There is no quicker and easier way to ensure a better return on investment than to paint a house b...

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Best Sunshine Coast Beaches

Posted on Apr 29, 2019

While much of our coastline is rugged and rocky, there are some great areas to wiggle your toes and play in the sand. There can be big waves to splash in or very calm waters perfect for swimming. Full of life and providing unique environments to experience and explore by both locals and visitors, here are a few of my favourite public Sunshine Coast...

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3 Benefits to house hunting in the winter

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

Living on the West Coast we are all used to thinking that spring is the time to buy a house, but there are benefits to putting on your rain gear and starting your house hunting before the cherry blossoms bloom. Here are 3 reasons why shopping for your home in the middle of winter can be beneficial:

1. Fewer buyers mean less competition. It takes som...

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Move Green

Posted on Mar 26, 2014

Not sure what to do with your broken vacuum?

Moving is a great opportunity to pare down, de-clutter, and get rid of household items that you don't want or that aren’t working anymore. It can be very liberating and there are plenty of thrift stores, happy to take your lightly used items. The downside, however, is what to do with all the stuff that’s...

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