3 Benefits to house hunting in the winter

Living on the West Coast we are all used to thinking that spring is the time to buy a house, but there are benefits to putting on your rain gear and starting your house hunting before the cherry blossoms bloom. Here are 3 reasons why shopping for your home in the middle of winter can be beneficial:

1. Fewer buyers mean less competition. It takes some grit to get out there and look at properties in the damp West Coast climate, many people opt to do their house hunting in the spring and summer. Less Buyers = Less Competition for the good listings.

2. See them at their worst! Akin to meeting your life partner at a low point in their life and falling in love anyway, you get to see all the ugliness of your dream house first. The exterior of the house and yard will not look their best, any drainage issues, general dampness or musty smells will likely be evident, and the sun exposure of the property will leave a lot to be desired. If you do end up buying, the house you met in the winter will be a much better version of itself when you move in!

3. How cold is cold? When you are seeing a house in the winter you can learn a lot about how effective the heating system is and if there are any drafty areas in the home. With heating costs ever rising, this can be a very valuable piece of information.