5 Tips to Getting Your Home Clutter Free and Ready to List

5 steps to getting your home clutter free and ready to list!

1. Put yourself in the Buyer’s shoes

Pretend you are a buyer seeing your house for the first time. Walk up to the front door. Does anything other than the house jump out at you? Toys, overgrown gardens? Walk through the front door, what do you see? You want the buyer to be looking at your home and not all the stuff in it.  Feel free to ask your realtor to walk through with you. This process doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it can take some time, so it is best to get your realtor there sooner than later.

2. Go room by room starting with the entrance

Write out a plan that you can check off as you go. The plan should allow you to declutter and clean systematically. When creating your plan, don't only list the rooms but also list specific tasks you need to complete. Closets – The more you pack and toss or donate now, the easier your job is when you move.

3. Scale and flow are key!

We have furniture arranged in our homes mostly for function. This doesn’t always mean it is situated in a way that showcases your space or maximizes the flow through your home. Edit out big and clunky pieces that don’t serve to showcase your home or block the natural flow through the space. Keep scale in mind. Is the couch too big for the space? Is the coffee table too small? It is important to note that less is more when it comes to furniture and home decor. Getting rid of extra furniture will instantly create more space, and space is often on the minds of buyers. If a buyer feels like they are in a big spacious home, they are more likely to buy. If you are selling a view home, make sure the buyer can access the view from as many places in the house as possible, pull back the curtains and blinds remove overly decorative window coverings and position the furniture to maximize the view or vista.

4.Don't forget about the exterior.

Curb appeal is an important thing. Do you have children's toys out in the yard?  Make sure the landscaping is clean looking, remove any dead plants or flowers. Top dressing gardens with mulch is a fast and easy way to make out of season gardens look their best. Make sure tools are organized or in the shed. All of this will help the outside of the home look clutter-free. 

5.Personal items

Here on the Sunshine Coast, often you will walk into a home and find beautiful art, lovely antique furniture or an artifact with a great story. Buyer’s on the Sunshine Coast are often drawn to an element of uniqueness, but as the Seller you also want to strike the balance of selling a space that is ultimately going to be for the Buyers treasures. Doing a good edit is never a bad idea. Go through the house and pair back personal items, photos, and trinkets that distract from seeing the space for what it is.

Looking to sell your home on the Sunshine Coast?

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Editor’s Note: Before you start tearing your home apart consider contacting your realtor to do a preliminary walk through of your home. They should understand the local market and what people are looking for. While it is optimal to have a clean and clutter free home, you may not have to do as much as you think. 

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