The Coast in the Time of Covid. We’re in This Together.

Many of us believe that we have been fortunate and particularly appreciative to live on the Sunshine Coast throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. All aspects of the Coast were decidedly responsive and proactive in ensuring social-distancing and other precautions; we really are in this phenomenon together.

Incredibly, six local doctors, busier than ever, take the time to connect with us weekly with their Sunshine Coast COVID Physician Task Force Community Update. These updates allow for honest, medically scientific, up-to-date, relevant health information for our community. The rapport from these local doctors connects us in making this global virus comprehensible and a challenge which we can face together. 

Taking safe walks throughout our respective neighbourhoods has become a lifeline to wellness. Many of us are encountering, and engaging from a distance, with neighbours we have not yet met! We marvel at all the handmade hearts in the windows, hearts painted on stones along the trails, live music in yards, even our blooming cherry and apple blossoms remind us to be patient and hold hope: spring and renewal is on the way.

Our local businesses have at once kept us safe with new and efficient health measures, many continuing to provide us with services. Our grocery and drug stores support our seniors and vulnerable populations through special hours and home deliveries. Our youth have taken over full-time positions to keep many stores staffed, as other employees remain home with their children, or remain home in order to best protect compromised immune systems.

Our many small businesses and independent stores are being supported by our community, as we order take-out, and supplies, with deliveries and curb-side pick-ups. (Thank you, Gumboot, Gourmet Girl, Lunitas, Sharkey’s, Pink House, Lone Wolf, and many more!) We have bookstores delivering specially curated selections to our homes and curb-side-picks ups. (Thanks goes out to: Reasons to Live, Pastimes and Talewind Books!) People are also responding by purchasing gift cards now, to support small business, when all of this is over. (You’ll be my first stop, Allora Spa!) 

We are so appreciative of the local fitness studios who have provided us with accessible, online classes and tutorials: looking at you, Kalijo Pilates, Shoreside Strength & Conditioning, GM fitness and Jillian Sanders Fitness. You have left us with zero excuses to stop our wellness routines! Our minds and bodies thank you. 

We are so fortunate to have a multitude of trails and beaches to explore, even after the Provincial Park closures. There is ample space for everyone. As we travel up the only highway on the Coast we pass a myriad of signs: We love you! We appreciate you! We are in this together!

Our teachers have changed the entire way they provide learning, engaging with students virtually, to provide continuity and familiarity; focussing first, and foremost, on our most vulnerable students and families. The district has loaned out technology (computers et al) to families without, and food programs are in place for those families who rely in part on school to nourish their children during school hours. First responders continue their heartfelt essential service community work, and we are so proud of their courage and deliberation. 

In the evening, as we sit in our homes, perhaps enjoying a local cider or farm fresh beer (thank you, Sunday Cider, Brickers Cider, Tapworks, Persephone Brewing Co.! – amongst many others!), we can hear the supportive and celebratory howls for the seven o’clock health care workers being appreciated up and down the Coast, and know, that for Covid on the Coast, we are in this together!